The Different Ways to Improve Business English Skills

Business English is a type of English that is widely spoken in the corporate world. It is different from the general English language because it is more specific and is used in business contexts. Businesses are going global and so is the demand for intermediate business English communicators. It is the standard language of the corporate world that’s why many employers include excellent communication skills in English as part of their requirements when looking for a team member.

Here are some effective ways you can do to improve your English business skills: 

Instill the habit of practicing English

Creating a habit of practicing business English every day will increase the chances of improvement. Set some hours every day to intentionally practice English, may it be through choosing a new word for the day or finishing a chapter from your favorite book. You can also practice journaling by simply writing your thoughts down on a piece of paper. Practicing the language regularly will strengthen the usage of the language. 

Set some goals

Setting some goals will mark your improvement upon completion. Specific goals will help you keep track of your progress and motivate each action that you take. To make it more effective, you can break it into small achievable steps that will gradually take you closer to your main goal.

Try to make it as specific as possible. Vague and abstract goals such as “I want to speak business English” might overwhelm you or confuse you of the steps you must take to achieve it. Instead, try to write goals such as “I will read 15 pages or learn 20 new words today” as it is more clear and realistic.

Enroll in Business English courses

Business English courses are designed by professionals and can efficiently guide you to improve your business English skills. There are many options available on the internet to learn business English. While there are a lot of free tutorials online, enrolling to English classes for business would be a better option as it can help you learn with discipline and provide you with activities and guidelines on how to apply the things that you learn.

Learn from the media

Newspapers, podcasts, and ted talks are other helpful resources to polish up skills in the English language. Read or watch from recommended sources and incorporate them into your daily life. You can listen to self-help podcasts while commuting to work and at home in the evening before you go to bed. Set time to study quality magazines such as The Economist.

Learning Business English may sound overwhelming for some of us. However, we may not notice that we are often exposed to it every day. We should not be afraid to converse or use this language in communicating with other people, especially with our colleagues. No matter how newbie we may sound, as we practice, we will eventually find ourselves confident in using this language in the corporate world.

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