How to Choose Which Degree Subject is Best for You at University

In an ideal world, as soon as you graduate from high school or college, the clouds will metaphorically part and an epiphany will overcome you, centering around what you want to do with your life and exactly how to do it.

In the real world, however, which is consistently far from ideal, it is more than likely that you either have no idea what you want to do next, but know you want to experience university, or else have a chosen career but have no idea how to get there.

So, with this in mind and to unpick this ‘Catch 22’, here is a guide on how to choose what degree subject is best for you to study at university.

Choose an Umbrella Subject You Genuinely Enjoy

Although upon this read, this may sound particularly obvious, the fact remains that the subject area and specific degree you finally choose, you will be embedded and engrossed in this field of study for three years, or even longer if you decide to study your undergraduate program on a part-time basis.

A good way to proverbially pin down those pursuits in which you feel actively engaged and even passionate is to think about those extra-curricular pursuits you chose, such as joining the high school debate team, sports teams or even drama clubs.

You are far more likely to be successful and get the most from your university experience if you are excited and engaged in the subject matter; otherwise, it could end up a supreme waste of not only your exceedingly valuable time, but your money as well.

Be Ambitious Yet Retain a Streak of Realism

When you were a child and a parent or other adult asked you what you thought you wanted to become when you grew up, then chances are you chose an incredibly ambitious career, such as a vet, police detective or even astronaut.

Now, for people lucky enough to live near NASA headquarters and follow this childhood dream into adulthood, an astronaut is certainly what they may have become and although anything in this world is possible with hard work, tenacity, and commitment, it is important to apply just a small streak of realism.

One fantastic way of ensuring your sights are firmly set upon the right goal for the initial step of attending university in the first place is to use the renowned UNC chances calculator at CampusReel, which will provide you with accurate entry information.

Conduct Research into Possible Career Pathways After Graduation

If you still cannot make up your mind on which subject area to pursue after high school, instead essentially work backwards and engage in thorough research as to the different types of careers in different industries and read detailed job descriptions of each.

Once you find one or two that you seem to connect with and think you would enjoy in the future, then find out what qualifications are needed to become a professional in that field of study.

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