4 Ways to Keep Teachers Engaged

Keeping students engaged isn’t the only thing that matters in your educational facility. In the post-pandemic world, teacher engagement is just as important.

Our teachers are tired. While everyone else had loads of stressful time off during Covid, they kept right on at it. Not only did they continue as normal as they could, but they also continued by learning to use new technology to advance their cause. We put them on video chats in groups with students and hoped that somehow, someone would learn something. We were not disappointed when the teachers of the UK gave us exceptional output during the pandemic. However, this has left us still a bit burned out, 2 years later.

Keeping teachers engaged has become synonymous with success in education. The likelihood of burnout has grown exponentially, with a recent YouGov poll finding that 1 in 2 of our teachers – that’s a straight 50% – are feeling burned out after it all. It’s no wonder. We put so much pressure on them to perform and they gave it their all, but that can only continue for so long.

4 Ways to Keep Teachers Motivated in 2022

With that in mind, let’s talk teacher engagement. How do you keep them from burning out in your school? Here are some great suggestions.

1 – Wellbeing Training

Every good teacher starts with good training. We teach our staff how to look after their charges, so it’s only right that we also teach them to look after themselves. A teacher who completes the likes of a Hays Wellbeing Training course is a teacher that can take better care of themselves. This course package includes safeguarding training for the little ones and the most vulnerable, too. Wellbeing training teaches your employees how to better manage their work-life balance and this particular package has a few free courses in it for your use.

2 – Special Education Programs

Sending your teachers off to study how to teach special education programs and classes can make a world of difference for their wellbeing. Your teaching staff got into this career because they wanted to help shape young minds, they wanted to feel the reward of doing something good for a living. Enhancing their training in special education enhances your establishment’s abilities as well as their own. It could lead to long term job satisfaction and many, many happy charges.

3 – Mental Health Training

Never has it been more important to incorporate good practices in mental health with your students than it is today. If you teach your staff how to pass on better mental wellbeing to the children, you are saving the future generations from the mental illnesses that we suffer today. Forewarned is forearmed. Our generation were not warned but that doesn’t mean the cycle should continue to our charges.

4 – CPD Courses

Continued Professional Development courses cover everything from professional workshops to helping students find work. You might study a new language, get to know a new software system, or engage with new research material in your field. There are countless opportunities to advance your career in teaching. All you need is the inspiration to go looking for it.

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