What is the best master’s degree for teachers?

Those working towards a MA in teaching Kansas City are attempting to advance their careers in teaching and gain practical expertise in lesson instruction and working with children. The Master of Arts in Teaching (sometimes called a Master’s in Teaching) is a degree program centered on practical skills and subject-specific information. Traditional MA in teaching Kansas City programs takes two years to finish and should position students to earn initial state teaching certification.

Firstly you ought to develop a radical understanding of the two primary options to work out, which is right for you a Master of Education or a Master of Arts in Teaching.

A Master of Education degree is meant for current educators who wish to expand their understanding of teaching theories, pedagogy, strategies, and more. However, the degree is well-suited to teachers seeking new ways to form a good, more significant impact within the lives of their students, those that choose the M.Ed. pathway often hold aspirations of expanding their career beyond the classroom.

A MA in teaching Kansas City is designed for those that are already teachers or those that decide to teach in the classroom. A Master of Arts in Teaching is meant to offer current and prospective teachers the hands-on, practical skills they have to be active within the school.

If you’re currently teaching and need to realize additional subject-specific skills and methods, and MAT offers many opportunities to focus on:

  • Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Special Education
  • Gifted & Talented Education

A MA in teaching Kansas City program typically takes about two years to finish and is offered in varying formats at many colleges across the country. This is often the degree most frequently pursued by people that want hands-on teaching experience and are seeking to work directly with students. The MAT focuses heavily on advanced coursework during a specific subject to hone your expertise. Coursework for the MAT also focuses on pedagogical theory and implementation. Mostly, the MAT will teach you ways to be a teacher: methodology, stylistic approach, etc. Frequently, the Master of Arts in Teaching consists of hands-on experience that places you during a classroom as a student teacher to practice what you’re learning.

If you’re looking to vary careers and enter the teaching field, the MAT will provide you with the education you would like to do so and prepare you for initial licensure in your state. One more reason the MAT degree is a superb option for career changers is that there’s typically a required student teaching component, which can enable you to practice and experience an actual classroom.

Teachers prefer to become teachers because they like to teach, not to become millionaires. However, earning a master’s degree not only helps you expand your spectrum of career opportunities, but it also can significantly increase your earning potential.“Education administrators had the very best percentage wage premium, with 44 percent higher wages for master’s degree holders than for bachelor’s degree holders.

One of the key similarities between the 2 degrees is that they’re both a proven thanks to pursuing your passion for education while also expanding your career opportunities and earning potential.

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