International Schools vs. Bilingual Schools: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Making a decision on where to send your child to school is important for every parent. When living in a large city like Bangkok, the choices can be overwhelming for some. This city itself is home to hundreds of schools with many different teaching styles and prices along with international and religious school. Many find themselves looking at bilingual or international schools for their children. Both are higher quality educations but differ in many ways. Keeping a few things in mind when you are choosing a school gives you the ability to make the best choice for your child.


Many times the teaching methods can differ greatly between bilingual and international educations. In international schools the students may have one teacher who speaks one language. On the other hand bilingual schools may have two or more teachers who speak both Thai and English respectively.

Typically, international schools require their teachers to have more education credentials like a masters degree or Ph.D. This is usually reflected in the pricing differences between bilingual and international schools.


Price can be a determining factor for many families who are deciding where to send their child to school. Bangkok has no shortage of schools and every family can find something that suits their budget. International schools may offer more extra-curricular activities. International schools may also hire teachers and administrators that call for a higher salary than many other schools. It’s important to remember that there is a school out there for every family; just take your time and ask questions to find the right one!


The learning material in many private schools in Bangkok follow an international curriculum. But which curriculum you child will learn with depends on the school.

Some of the teaching methods schools in Bangkok have are:

  • National Curriculum of England
  • American Curriculum
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Canadian Curriculum
  • Singapore/Chinese Curriculum

Each of these curriculum focus on different subjects and languages. The National Curriculum of England will teach British spellings of words whereas the American Curriculum will teach the American spellings, for example. The Singapore schools will focus on Chinese and English language rather than English and Thai that you would find in a bilingual school.

What’s important is that you very comfortable where you send your child to school. Doing a little research into the schools and knowing what kind of education you want for your child will make finding the right school for your child easy and painless.

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