How to stay relevant in the job market in 2021

We live in very strange times. 2020 was a year of frightening desease, social isolation, pervasive uncertainty, and rising unemployment. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a huge crisis not only in public health but also in the economy and job market. Would it be better in 2021? How to stay employed when so many industries are falling apart right before your eyes?

Take a research

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world we live in. Some industries are falling apart and some are unexpectedly booming. So, your first step in your job search should be to take a look at the current market situation and find out which industries are hiring right now. For some job seekers it might mean a career pivot, but remember – this is the time when you need to be flexible. Switching a company or sector you work in doesn’t have to be a step back on your career path. Think of it as a new beginning or just a temporary change that could be the perfect complement to your resume in the future.

Update and personalize your resume

Even in a good economy, competition is stiff for the best jobs and now it might be stiffer than ever. You need to know, that your resume might be in a stack of 100 or more similar application papers. And that’s why your CV has to stand out against the other candidates’ resumes. So, first of all, find out why the perfect candidate for this particular job is you and make it clear in your CV.
Your resume should speak for you that you’re seeking this job, not just any job and that you’re relevant for this particular position. Every recruiter can tell when the applicant is sending the exact same materials to every company, so don’t you ever make this mistake. It doesn’t mean you have to change your entire resume every time, but it’s extremely important to give it a look and customize it each time you apply for a position. What can you do? For example, change the order of the sections or bullet points to emphasize the most relevant information. Before you send your resume to the recruiter, look one more time at the job description. Any keywords from the job offer should appear on your resume. And finally, be careful and pay attention to the details – there should be no errors or formatting inconsistencies on application papers.
Writing your resume, you might take a look at free downloadable CV templates available on the internet or create a template from scratch.

Free cv templates to download

Write your resume according to 2021 standards, Use attractive templates:

Build your professional brand

Do you know that up to 91% of HR professionals use social media before making any hiring decision? That’s why you have to be sure that your social media profiles speak for and not against you. Make sure that you stay on the recruiters’ and hiring managers’ radars and let them know that you’re actively in the market. How can you do that? By creating a social media strategy. Before sending out your resume or reaching out directly to the recruiter, audit your Facebook and Twitter accounts and set up your LinkedIn profile – make them as professional and attractive as possible.

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