Early childhood education is the essential basis for all that follows

Early childhood education begins at birth, or possibly even before. It can be defined for the purposes of this article as an education providing for children before entering a formal compulsory education system. In most cases, parents who provide formal childhood education have little vocational training in how to conduct early childhood education.

One of the most important aspects of the lives of most people is the creation of a family with its challenges previously from early childhood education. Ironically, few school programs have something about it. There is a lot of teen on sex education and education at work, but little to know how to be a parent.

At the age of two or three children, most children learned to speak effectively. It is the largest intellectual exploit they will do in their lives and constitute a result of early childhood education. This involves the ability to apply complicated grammatical rules to each statement. Although the mother tongue can be learned without any apparent effort, it is actually a consequence of early childhood education.

Parents who speak softly and sympathoids to their offspring are engaged in early childhood education. Human beings have what Chomsky called for a language acquisition device that is the ability to learn the human language. The learning process is greatly improved by parents’ attitude to their children in the context of early childhood education.

The state of preparation is an important concept of education. Nobody can learn unless it is ready to learn and that the preparation takes place at different stages of development. If the ways to learn something is absent when a child is ready to never be learned later. This has been confirmed several times in the cases of wild children who have been refused opportunity to learn their language to early childhood. Their life is burned forever.

Between the children and the prodigies of the child, many treatment grants are given to children. The work done by Bernstein many years ago, illustrated how mothers determined the success or failure of their children when he arrived in secondary education. Those who took the trouble to slowly reason with toddlers and answered all the questions to produce secondary school students diligently. Those who ignored their toddlers or told them to stay silent, tended to produce school failures.

The world opens as a wonderful place for young children. Mothers and fathers have the wonderful opportunity to relive their own enthusiasm and joy through the eyes of their beloved offspring. By providing emotional stability and a language for their children, they give them the gift of normal life. The importance of early childhood education can hardly be overestimated.

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