Accredited online colleges: 3 popular myths

Accredited online college is a more popular choice for students throughout the world. Institutions such as Phoenix University and Cappella University are very popular, and hundreds of thousands of online titles are given every calendar year.

Even so, there are many myths that surround the process of online education. This myth spread on the internet and by word of mouth. Basically, they are no more than rumors. But negative propaganda damages the reputation of an accredited online college, and prevents potential students to apply.

The top 3 of the most popular myths about accredited online colleges will be described and discussed below:

1) expensive accredited online colleges

Many applicants are afraid of prices to produce titles in popular online schools. Maybe this is for good reasons – bass of these institutions can cost $ 60,000. However, as far as regarding higher education, these costs are very reasonable. Traditional colleges and universities cost around four times.

Interestingly, prices for one credit at online schools are comparable to credit in traditional schools. This is what gives students potential impressions that accredited online universities are not cost effective. But online students don’t pay for rooms and boards. This is where real money is stored. By passing the price label in everyday life, online students get an accredited degree for a quarter of the price.

Plus, some online schools are much cheaper than $ 60,000 quoted above. The University of Grantham, for example, is only charged around $ 30,000, or around $ 300 per credit.

2) the degree of online accredited online universities is less valuable in the labor market

Many students assume that the degree obtained online inherently is less valuable than those obtained in traditional schools. But this is not at all right.

In today’s climate, online degrees are more and more general. Entrepreneurs in most areas are familiar with a variety of online schools, and respecting online degrees. In fact, with an alumni database grow exponentially, many employers are online graduates themselves.

However, it is not to say that the title from the top online schools does not look better than their more unclear competitors. Just like the degree of bricks and mortar institutions, reputation runs away. It was well-known school like the University of Phoenix more expensive than smaller institutions.

3) Professors in accredited online colleges cannot be accessed

Often, it is assumed that because classes in online schools take place ‘virtually’, contact with the professor is difficult and limited. But online colleges and universities have done a little to combat this perception, and most offer easy access to all faculties and staff.

Again, the University of Phoenix is ​​a good example. Here, if you send an email to a professor or teacher, you guaranteed a response within 24 hours. Strangely, brick and mortar institutions do not offer guaranteed this trait, and the professor cannot be accessed very well known in many of these schools. Furthermore, many schools do class seminars and discussions in ‘virtual classrooms.’ Professors can be accessed here, as well as through class discussion boards and message boards.

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